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黄檗宗 瑠璃山 薬師寺
黄檗宗 瑠璃山 薬師寺

Eternal Memorial Service Grave

Rurisankuyou-Tou Pagoda

In September 2007, an eternal memorial service pagoda, Rurisankuyou-Tou Pagoda was built.

Suggestion and advice for a memorial will also be provided for visitors who have inquiries about the memorial service or grave, for example:

  • what to do if there is no successor for the ancestry grave, or
  • inquires about installing a new grave.


The general rule is the Chief Priest will perform the Buddhist memorial service up to the 33rd anniversary of death if one applies for pre-need planning.
We will also give consultation on issues like what to do with ancestors grave.
For further information, please fill out our inquiry form or give us a call.